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Dr David Good

Dr David Good

Lecturer in the Department of Social and Developmental Psychology

Fellow of Kings College

Member of the Governing Body of the Royal College of Art

Education Director at the Cambridge-MIT Institute.

Research Interests

I am currently involved in two lines of work:

The first is concerned with the development of new communication and information technologies, and how research from the Arts Humanities and Social Sciences can be usefully brought to bear on the design of new technologies. To this end, I established the Crucible Network with Alan Blackwell in the Computer Laboratory.

The second focusses on the development of the creative and innovative abilities of students, and how this prepares them for their future careers. This work builds on my time as Education Director of the Cambridge MIT Institute, and continues to involve collaboration with colleagues in the EHGIgroup.

There are a number of projects in each line of work including a recently funded (EPSRC) activity working with various academic and commercial partners on the development of Media City UK.


  • Arts
  • Complexity
  • Social Networks
  • Education
  • Technology