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New book: "Changing Connectomes" (MIT Press)

last modified Sep 09, 2020 11:14 AM

Congratulations to Prof Marcus Kaiser, who has written a new book on Changing Connectomes:

"The human brain undergoes massive changes during brain development, ranging from early childhood and the teenager years to old-age. The field of connectomics has provided snapshots at different stages and, through data analysis and computational modelling, mechanisms leading to changing connectomes begin to emerge. This book will provide an overview of network features of the brain, how these features emerge during evolution and brain development, and how alterations ranging from normal aging to developmental and neurodegenerative disorders affect brain networks. The book will give biomedical researchers, who are often only aware of neuroimaging research in humans, information about the knowledge on connectome development in other species. By including an introduction to concepts of network analysis, it will also be accessible to researchers who are new to the field of connectomics. Finally, through Matlab code examples, it will allow computational neuroscience researchers to understand and extend the shown mechanisms of connectome development."

The book companion website with links to data and software can be found at:

A list of places to buy the book can be found at: