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Barabasi talk on the Formula

last modified May 03, 2019 01:52 PM

The Institute of Applied Data Science at Queen Mary University of London presents:
'The Formula: Quantifying outcomes in individual careers, from science to art',
with Professor Albert-Laszlo Barabasi,
Institute of Network Science, Northeastern University and Division of Network Medicine, Harvard University

Attendance is free but you must register here:

Common wisdom goes something like this: Performance drives success, hence work hard and success will follow. But as we've all witnessed, that's not always the case. Here I aim to quantify success in science and arts by realizing that while your performance is about you, your success is about "us"—meaning that success is a collective and measurable quantity that captures how your peers observe and recognize your performance. This approach allows us to explore, using the tools of science, the emergence of impact, and quantify our ability to measure and predict success. I will discuss when will a scientist make her highest impact discovery, how to assign credit to collaborative work, and the role of professional and institutional networks in the emergence of impact and recognition in both science and art.

Albert-László Barabási holds appointments at the Network Science Institute at Northeastern University, Division of Network Medicine at Harvard Medical School and Department of Network and Data Sciences at Central European University. He is the author of the newly released The Formula – The Five Laws Behind Why People Succeed (2019), Linked (2002), and Bursts (2010) and the textbook Network Science (Cambridge, 2017), and co-edited Network Medicine (Harvard, 2015) His work lead to the discovery of scale-free networks and to the so-called 'Barabási-Albert model' explain the widespread emergence of the scale-free property in biological, technological and social systems.

The Formula will be published in the UK on 16 May 2019 by Macmillan and copies will be on sale at this event.