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Cambridge Networks Network


Workshop on Critical and Collective Effects in Graphs and Networks (CCEGN - 2019).
Les Houches (France). May 5-10, 2019.

The web page of the workshop with the information about topics and speakers may been found here:

The main topics of the workshop include:
1) Spreading phenomena and other dynamical process on networks, Griffiths phases and spectral methods;
2) Metric structure of random graphs, and spatially embedded random graphs;
3) Random graphs with quenched disorder, microcanonical and canonical ensembles of random graphs, phase transitions, belief propagation and related questions;
4) Statistical methods in interdisciplinary applications: social and ecological networks, genomic networks, neuroscience.

Online registration is open till 5 of April 2019. All information about the registration can be found at the web page of the workshop in the section "Registration".