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Marami conference 2019

last modified Aug 04, 2019 08:34 PM

Modèles & Analyse des Réseaux : Approches Mathématiques & Informatiques
The 10th Conference on Network Modeling and Analysis
Venue- Dijon, France November 06- 08, 2019

Networks are ubiquitous for modeling and simulating various natural and man-made systems (social, biological, technological, economic, ecological, historical and others). MARAMI  is an annual forum for the exchange and dissemination of studies on networks originating from various communities (computer science, mathematics, sociology, biology, etc.). Studies with a strong methodological or quantitative influence, or combining several disciplinary fields, are particularly welcome. MARAMI is a forum where synergies are developed and where expertise and experiences of various communities are shared.


· Jean-Daniel FEKETE INRIA, France
· Ronaldo MENEZES University of Exeter, UK
· Tsuyoshi MURATA Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

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Early registration rate until September 27, 2019