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PreMed19: Precision network medicine in the era of big data, Okinawa 31st October, a satellite of ICSB (ICSB registration required here:

Abstract deadline 31st September
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Network science is having a substantial impact in various aspects of health-related research. Recently, the advent of more comprehensive personalized data has fostered the emergence of precision medicine; an approach that considers individual genetic and physiological characteristics, lifestyle and environment in devising personalized therapies. Such an approach benefits greatly from big data and network approaches at multiple levels. First, integrating different molecular "interactomic" datasets from a single patient, from subcellular to organ-level, is a fundamental step towards understanding the mechanistic underpinnings of personalized health states. The symposium will bring together these two themes of precision medicine and big data analysis at multiple levels of resolution, showcasing advances in the use of molecular networks for patient data integration as well as new approaches to disease network reconstruction and modeling.
Organized by Amitabh Sharma, Harvard Medical School, Jose Nacher, Toho University, Kwanh-Il Goh, Department of Physics at Korea University and Vera Pancaldi, Centre for Cancer Research of Toulouse and Barcelona Supercomputing Center.

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