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Special CCC talk

last modified Jul 30, 2017 03:16 PM

Konrad Wagstyl will be giving a special CCC talk on "Bringing Big Brain to Cambridge" at the CBU Lecture Theatre in Cambridge on Friday 4th of August at 11am.

Abstract:  BigBrain is a 3D 20micron isotropic histological volume of the human brain, developed by the laboratories of Katrin Amunts (Juelich) and Alan C. Evans (Montreal Neurological Institute) (Amunts et al., Science 2013). It is a freely available dataset, enabling the formation of links between macroscale neuroimaging and microscale neuroscience, and is now used as the reference atlas for the EU's Human Brain Project. In this talk I will present work on deep learning applications for automated identification and analysis of neocortical layers in the BigBrain. I will then briefly discuss other ongoing BigBrain projects including the annotation of high-resolution subcortical atlas for neuroanatomical, neurosurgical and educational purposes alongside the latest work increasing the resolution to 1 micron for neuron-scale analyses.

The full dataset and tools for viewing and analysing the data are being brought to Cambridge and all interested in using the dataset for research, clinical or educational purposes are warmly encouraged to attend.