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Cambridge Networks Network

We are pleased to announce the CNN seminars for Michaelmas and Lent this year. All seminars will take place on Tuesday afternoons in Keynes Hall in King's College and will be followed by drinks in the adjacent room for an opportunity to mingle.


Please feel free to email us at for an opportunity to meet any of the speakers in the afternoon before their talk - we will be happy to arrange this.


Tuesday 28 October - 4:30pm (+ drinks from 5:30)
(Oxford Mathematical Institute and Thought Machine)
Title: TBC


Tuesday 11 November - 4:30pm (+ drinks from 5:30)
(Faculty of Engineering, University of Bristol)
Title: TBC


Tuesday 2 December - 5:15pm (+ drinks from 6:30) 
(Department of Engineering Mathematics, University of Bristol)
Title: TBC


Tuesday 27 January - 4:30pm (+ drinks from 5:30) 
(School of Mathematical Sciences, Queen Mary University London)
Title: TBC


Tuesday 17 February - 4:30pm (+ drinks from 5:30)
(The Institute of New Economic Thinking and The Mathematical Institute, Oxford)
Title: TBC


Tuesday 10 March - 4:30pm (+ drinks from 5:30)


We look forward to seeing you there!