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CNN looking for departmental reps

last modified Jul 29, 2012 09:02 PM

CNN is gearing up for another year of seminars and events, as well as the next Cambridge Networks Day. As our membership grows (currently over 200 members) and our reach extends well beyond Cambridge we feel it is increasingly important for us to be closely in-touch with the various institutes our members are based in. For this reason, we are looking for a representative in every department (or institute further afield) who will act as an "access point" to other researchers around them who may be interested in Complex Networks. This representative would handle the (lightweight) communication between CNN and his/her department/institute by eg: occasionally forwarding relevant talk announcements (to reach those not yet on our mailing list), informing us of local events we may wish to advertize to CNN members and selecting potential speakers within his/her department.

Please get in touch by email if you would like to act as a representative for your department/institute.