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Joint CRM-Imperial College School & Workshop in Complex Systems

last modified Mar 19, 2013 12:06 PM

We are pleased to announce the Joint CRM-Imperial College School and Workshop in Complex Systems, which will take place from April 8 to 13, 2013 at the Centre de Recerca Matemàtica, Bellaterra, Barcelona and in the Institut d’Estudis Catalans, Barcelona.

The structure of this school + workshop will be:

1) Plenary lecture, by Stefan Thurner, Medical University of Vienna
2) Contributed Talks
3) Posters
4) School Courses: 6 courses will be offered by leading experts:

- Dynamics of Complex Systems (intermittency, stability, etc.).
Henrik J. Jensen, Imperial College London.

- Critical Phenomena and Percolation Theory.
Kim Christensen, Imperial College London.

- Percolation in Complex Networks.
Marián Boguñá, Universitat de Barcelona

- Non-Equilibrium Phase Transitions, Field Theory and Self-Organised Criticality.
Gunnar Pruessner, Imperial College London,

- Complex Networks and Hidden Metric Spaces: Internet, Metabolic Networks…
M. Ángeles Serrano, Universitat de Barcelona.

- Multifractal Formalism: from models for turbulent flows to applications in ocean remote sensing.
Antonio Turiel, Institut de Ciències del Mar, Barcelona.

5) Problem-solving classes: directly related to the contents of the courses.

Important deadlines:
January 27, 2013 (lodging and registration grant application)
March 8, 2013 (contributed talks and posters)
March 18, 2013 (registration and payment)

If you wish to submit a talk or a poster, please send the required information to
Ms Núria Hernandez (

A website for this activity can be accessed through the following link: