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Investigating the processes underlying knowledge transfer in human interaction

The role of the body in sense-making
The function of rhythm in facilitating human communication
Exploration of the dynamics of technologically-mediated interaction

I have a range of projects in train, including:
(i) exploration of the pragmatics of rhythm in speech and music (with Tommi Himberg);
(ii) touching sound, with Richard Hoadley and Helen Odell-Miller of Anglia Ruskin University in the design of a shared musical interface, requiring collaborative interaction, for therapeutic use;
(iii) investigating the rhythmic body movements that occur when people greet each other, i.e. during ‘phatic’ interaction, or ‘small talk’, (in collaboration with Guy Hayward);
(iv) bodies in sound, sounds in bodies, collaboration with Siobhan Davies.

Research Affiliate, Centre for Music and Science, Faculty of Music, University of Cambridge
Dr Satinder  P Gill
Not available for consultancy


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Tacit Knowledge in Communication