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The aim of my research work is to explore the design of efficient and intelligent systems that rely on novel theoretical models and algorithms, working at the interface of different areas - including computer networking, mobile systems, social computing, distributed systems, machine learning, data mining, mathematical modelling and complex networks.

More specifically, one of the main goals of my research work is to devise models as basis for the practical design and implementation of systems (in particular, mobile and social computing systems) that 1) are able to exploit the availability of the exponentially increasing amount of multi-dimensional information about users and their environment (such as location, personal profiles, social network data and so on) and 2) are based on the analysis and characterisation of the structure of the underlying networks (social, technological, etc.) and the dynamics of the processes happening over them, such as data and information exchange.

The scope of my research interests is fairly broad and rather interdisciplinary. A non-exhaustive list of topics I am working on (or I have been working on) includes:
- Social and ubiquitous computing
- Network science
- Network data mining and analytics, with a focus on data sources related to social networks, mobile networks and sensing systems
- Design, implementation and performance evaluation of mobile systems 
- Sensing systems based on mobile phones
- Machine learning applied to mobile, sensing and socially-aware systems design
- Human mobility and connectivity models 
- Algorithms and protocols for wireless, mobile, and sensor networks
- Delay Tolerant Networking (DTN)

Senior Lecturer at the School of Computer Science at the University of Birmingham.
Dr Mirco  Musolesi
Not available for consultancy


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Machine learning
Social Networks