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My research interests lie in statistical and nonlinear physics and in the application of such techniques to the physical, engineering, social, and biological sciences. Topics on which I have written research papers include nonlinear waves (such as solitary waves), nonlinear oscillators, classical and quantum chaos, network science (including applications to social and biological networks), billiard systems, granular materials, and nonlinear optics. I am interested in many other applications as well.

I am also interested in mathematics exposition and have made a point to write several articles for venues such as Notices of the American Mathematical Society and American Scientist.

In addition to my MI affiliations, I am also a member of the Complex Agent-Based Dynamical Networks (CABDyN) Complexity Centre [yes, the word 'complex' does appear twice in the name] and have some sort of regular but unofficial visiting status with the Condensed Matter Physics group of the Physics Department.  (They gave me an e-mail address and building access, and I regular advise MPhys projects, but there isn't an official affiliation at this point.)

University Lecturer at the Oxford Centre for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford
Dr Mason A Porter
Not available for consultancy


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Nonlinear Systems