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Brain Connectivity Workshop 2021

last modified Nov 14, 2020 04:00 PM

After careful deliberation, and based on the latest public health authority information on COVID-19, along with swirling uncertainties regarding travel and gatherings, we have decided to host the next Brain Connectivity Workshop online. We are pleased to announce that it has been rescheduled for MAY 25-28, 2021. We aim to make this event accessible and inclusive and the timing of the schedule will aim to satisfy a global audience.

This year we will revisit that primordial theme from a different perspective: "What does the mind think of the brain?" focusing
the discussions around what we have learned about our mind over the last 20 years of brain connectomics. The topics will focus on
consciousness and cognition, looking at the tripartite relationship between anatomical connectivity, brain dynamics and cognitive function.

Registration is Now Open, see:

*Spots are limited in order to facilitate discussion throughout the workshop*