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CALL FOR PAPERS: 'On the Role of Space, Place and Social Networks in Social Participation'

last modified May 05, 2021 04:46 PM

Social Inclusion, Volume 10, Issue 3

Title: On the Role of Space, Place and Social Networks in Social Participation

Editor(s): Gil Viry (University of Edinburgh, UK), Christoph van Dülmen (Thünen Institute of Rural Studies, Germany), Marion Maisonobe (CNRS–UMR Géographie-cités, France) and Andreas Klärner (Thünen Institute of Rural Studies, Germany)

Submission of Abstracts: 1-15 June 2021
Submission of Full Papers: 15-30 January 2022
Publication of the Issue: July/September 2022

Information: Research has highlighted the critical role of social networks in facilitating people's social participation. It has also shown that social ties and networks exist in and across geographical spaces. Individuals, families, diasporas, workers, activists, among others, can develop their relationships and networks over large distances, while places and spatial proximity continue to strongly shape tie formation and social participation.

While the importance of places in research on social inclusion is widely recognised, for example in neighbourhood and community studies, social network research has, however, not fully taken up issues of space, place and spatial mobility. For this thematic issue we invite contributions that investigate more deeply the intersection of space, place and social networks, and address conceptual and methodological issues in this field.

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