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New book- Complex Networks: Principles, Methods and Applications

last modified Oct 03, 2017 10:05 AM

"Complex Networks: Principles, Methods and Applications",
  V. Latora, V. Nicosia, G. Russo, Cambridge University Press (2017)
                        ISBN: 9781107103184

We're delighted to announce that this book is now available. The book is mainly meant to be used as a reference textbook for a first undergraduate and/or postgraduate taught module on complex networks analysis and modelling, but it will certainly be found stimulating and entertaining by researchers and practitioners interested in network science.

All the accompanying material of the book (including many data sets and software) are available for download at:

Binary versions of the programs for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux (both .deb and .rpm) are available for download, together with the complete source files. Sources are also on GitHub:

The book itself is available from Cambridge University Press at and from all the major online retailers.