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Cambridge Networks Network


Networks: From structure to function

Where: University of Aberdeen
When: 29-30 August 2019

This is a 2-day workshop which will bring together researchers interested in network science. The workshop will cover state-of-the-art topics in networks science with a marked interdisciplinary focus that can encourage collaboration beyond specific communities of network practitioners. In particular, it will cover recent progress on the description of network structure (e.g. multilayer networks or structural topology), emergence of network structure (e.g. growth of fungal networks or emergence of networks of contacts in granular materials), dynamical processes on networks (e.g. epidemics, spread of social phenomena or networks of oscillators) and characterisation of natural and artificial networks (e.g. brain networks or power grids).

- Registration until 10 August 2019
- There is no fee required for this conference.

- Details and registration at: