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Postdoc on Neural Networks, Paris

last modified Jan 09, 2015 12:48 PM
TITLE: Modeling and analysis of neuronal activity and connectivity from in-vivo calcium imaging

MISSION AND ENVIRONMENT: The recent development of genetically encoded calcium indicators has enabled optically recording in-vivo the activity of multiple neuronal populations. An increasingly number of new data are being accumulated and the need of mathematical methods to understand them and extract relevant information is becoming a central issue. The ARAMIS and MYCENAE teams of the INRIA Paris-Rocquencourt centre are collaborating to develop new models and analytic tools for the characterization of complex neuronal activity and connectivity patterns. This multidisciplinary collaboration proposes to combine modeling approaches with signal processing and network theory to examine and simulate the dynamics of the neuronal activities and their interaction at the system level. 

JOB OFFER DESCRIPTION: The job of the postdoc is to develop and validate mathematical models and analytic tools to characterize the activity of large distributed neuronal networks. The objective is to determine the biophysical mechanisms generating the dynamics of the calcium activity signals and to identify the organizational principles regulating the functional network formation.

SKILL AND PROFILE: The ideal candidate should have a solid background in computer science and/or applied mathematics and signal processing, enjoy high comfort levels when dealing with mathematical abstractions/techniques as well as programming (C or Octave-based preferably). A background in computational systems biology (with an emphasis on optical imaging) or in network analysis would be very welcome but not necessary. The ability and willingness to learn will do equally well.

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