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Cambridge Networks Network


Organizers: Clio Andris ( and Zachary Neal (


Session Abstract: Social networks are often embedded in geographic space. Accordingly, modeling a network on a map can help researchers better measure distance between entities, access to amenities, and show how different spatial features might influence or correlate with node and tie locations. This session will be primarily dedicated to the visualization and analysis of geolocated social networks, i.e. those whose nodes have a spatial location. These networks can be at many different scales; they can exist within a small village or within a single building, or they can exist across the globe. Network size (number of nodes and edges) can also vary substantially. We also invite networks that reflect or are shaped by paradigms of geographic space, such as the influence of local culture, administrative policies, climate, language, access to resources, etc. The primary goal of this session is to share research about techniques, applications, visualization, and new methods for spatial social networks in a friendly space.


Submission: We will be able to accept up to 5 in person, oral papers in this proposed special session. If you are interested, please send an email to Clio Andris ( and Zachary Neal ( with information on all authors (including email and organization), oral presentation title, and abstract (150 words max). Please send this information to us by 5 PM ET Monday, Jan 30th, as we need to submit the symposium proposal form by Tuesday, Jan 31st. However, feel free to ping us and let us know you are interested in advance.