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Cambridge Networks Network


Name Email address Job titles
Dr Ajay Deep Kachhvah Postdoctoral Research Associate at Institute for Plasma Research, India
Dr Siddhartha Kar PhD in Public Health and Primary Care
Dr Krystyna Anna Kelly Senior Research Fellow in the Plant Sciences Department
Faisal Khan HEC scholar pursuing a DPhil at Oxford as part of the Oxford Protein Informatics Group
Farooq Khan Complexity science researcher at Polymaths
JiYoung Kim Undergraduate Student at Korea University
Dr Vladimir Kiselev Postdoctoral Fellow, European Bioinformatics Institute
Dr Andreas Kontoleon University Reader (Associate Professor) in Environmental Economics and, Public Policy, Director of Graduate Programme, Department of Land Economy, Director of Studies for Land Economy, Trinity College, Cambridge
Dr Tamas Korcsmaros Computational Biology Fellow at The Genome Analysis Centre (TGAC) and in the Institute for Food Research
Dr Michal Kosinski Operations Director, Cambridge University Psychometrics Centre, Research Consultant, Microsoft Research, Machine Learning Group, Visiting Lecturer, University of Namur, Department of Mathematics
Professor Romulo Krafta Professor of Urban Morphology, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil
Dr Dariusz Krol Marie Curie Senior Research Fellow at the School of Design, Engineering & Computing at the Bournemouth University (UK)., Assistant Professor (on leave) at the Institute of Informatics at the Wrocław University of Technology (Poland).
Natalia Kudryashova
Dr Jérôme Kunegis Research Associate at the Institute for Web Science and Technologies, University of Koblenz, Visiting Cambridge until 15th December 2013