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Cambridge Networks Network


Name Email address Job titles
Dr Lucas Lacasa Lecturer in Applied Mathematics, School of Mathematical Sciences, Queen Mary, University of London
Paul Larcey
Dr Neal Lathia Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Computer Laboratory
Professor Vito Latora Professor in Applied Mathematics (Complex Systems) at the School of Mathematical Sciences of Queen Mary University of London
Prof Sune Lehmann Associate Professor at DTU Informatics, Technical University of Denmark
Sonja Lehtinen
Franz Liem PhD candidate in Psychology at the University of Zurich
Dr Keren Limor-Waisberg
Dr William Liu Lecturer at the School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences
Xinjian Liu PhD candidate, Department of Geography
James Lloyd PhD student, Machine Learning Group
Dr Gang Lu Postdoctoral Researcher at the Beijing University of Chemical Technology
Professor Ben Luisi Professor of Structural and Molecular Cell Biology