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Cambridge Networks Network


Cambridge Networks Day 2012 included the following speakers (click on the speaker's name to see their homepage and on the talk title to see the slides of the lecture - if made available. Note more lectures will be added in the near future):

1. Ed Bullmore (University of Cambridge - Brain Mapping Unit)


2. Dr Mason Porter (University of Oxford - Mathematical Institute)

Community Structure in Neworks

3. Prof Vito Latora (Queen Mary University of London - School of Mathematical Sciences)

Time-Varying Networks

4. Dr Gergory Jefferis (University of Cambridge - MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology)

Neural Networks in the Fly Brain

5. Dr Nick Jones (Imperial College London - Department of Mathematics)

Fungal Networks

6. Prof Ottoline Leyser (University of Cambridge - Sainsbury Laboratory)

Research in the Sainsbury Laboratory

7. Prof Yong-Yeol Ahn (Indiana University Bloomington, USA - School of Informatics and Computing)

Link Clustering Reveals Multi-Scale Structural Complexity in Networks

8. Dr Simone Severini (UCL - Department of Physics and Department of Computer Science )

Networks Through a Quantum Lens

9. Prof Jon Crowcroft (University of Cambridge - Computer Laboratory)

Through a Graph Darkly


Poster Session:

The poster prize was awarded to Michael T. Schaub from Imperial College London, for the following poster:

Markov time zooming as a tool for detecting non-clique like communities in complex multiscale networks.

Michael T. Schaub*, Jean-Charles Delvenne, Renaud Lambiotte, Sophia N. Yaliraki and Mauricio Barahona.

Department of Mathematics and Department of Chemistry, Imperial College London.